On this occasion the renowned fine arts artist, Mrs Nada Žiljak is exhibiting some twenty works in acrylic paints technique on paper in various colors, very well-balanced as to themes and style. In the recently painted works intimate moods dominate, artistically transposed in a mature and creative way. This intimate experience is in correlation with a rich palette and tone scale. At this occasion form is more significantly apostrophized by the artist making it more exact in comparison to her earlier opus, except when doing illustrations where form is more exact do to the nature of the work. More abstract composing and plane painting is not passed over for the account of description. Moreover, elements of form and lyrically intoned abstract contents are brought to a state of harmony possessing quiet dynamism and fluid mobility. The drawing and painting are brought into intriguing harmony. With the help of rich coloraturas and subtle accentuation, a harmonious intimate mood is accomplished reflected by the painter's inner experience. Elements of abstract expressionism, lyrically intoned, are in the function of form content accentuating. The painter's harmony is mirrored in this. Not one of the listed elements dominates, but is imbued in their forms and intensities.

The author's visual arts language is recognizable in these works too, as a result of a painter's definition and many-year presence in the artistic scene. She is true to herself in respect to the visual art element essence and in her reflexions. However, it appears that the form contents in her newer works (characters, corporeity, symbols, archetypes, love making, observing, subtle erotic moods, power and joy of living) are a concentrated substance that has sublimed and transformed from elements of abstract surface treatment.

The figures move, observe, float, make love, touch each other, they are saturated, refined, elegant and mostly of elongated form. In a certain way they reflect a state of mind, mood. The rest of the surface contents certainly suggest moods and experience and they make a form that becomes a joint composition element. Thus the colorist orchestration and tonality change towards the darker, less passionate and more lifelike discourses, and the moods in some of the works are less intensive, and acquire a more meditative character.

It may be stated that the artist has synthesized visual arts elements offering the viewers a unique atmosphere; in fact she is transferring her intimate moods and reflexions. Form contents appear with a very rich and impressive coloring, painted in unity with the abstract surroundings, using acryl as a good material for relatively fast surface painting. A more significant shift as to style has been gained by simultaneous confronting and synthesis of the drawing surface and the abstract contents of lyrical tones. Creativity, vision, readiness to compromise, a high cultural level and subtlety, are the characteristics of the artist's life and artistic activities. This fact certainly suggests strength that is reflected in these works too. These works in their essence breath with life, vigor, directness, intimacy incorporated in the visual arts language, characteristic of all significant artists having clear painting definitions.

Nada's life credibility is completely identical to her visual arts language because she brings into her works of art joy, creativity, a life-like quality, a creative challenge and stimulus in every sense of the word. Being a lover of poetry, traveling, communication, illustrating, the transcendental and the archetype, hidden deep in one's conscience, she is true to herself and to lasting values. During all this time she has persisted and has inspired us by stimulating us to feel love and to self-realize ourselves, to be aware, to achieve reconciliation and synthesis, in the same manner she does in her works.

prof. dr. sc. Mladen Jurišic

Patrik Ervell’s latest collection is ironically titled “Software”ADIDAS ORIGINALS TUBULAR SHADOW. In the notes from the presentation, Ervell says he was “interested in developing tension between nostalgia and sci-fi,NIKE ZOOM WINFLO 3” and even included ‘90s cyberpunk amongst his influences. Ervell developed this point of view by creating an imaginary software company called Idegen software systems. He then re-appropriated the company’AIR JORDAN XXXI MENs logo in several of the collection’s garments. Elsewhere,MBT TARIKI MEN mohair coats with oversized lapels made an appearance alongside mock neck tees,NIKE AIR JORDAN RETRO 5 police-inspired ribbed sweaters,MBT FORA GTX WOMEN flight bombers, and polyurethane leather coats. The setting was also suitably dystopian, and the resulting ambiance was something akin to if the creators of Deutschland ’83 and Hackers met up and decided to create a collection… We mean that as a compliment.Yesterday afternoon,JORDAN CP3 IX MEN artist JR spent the day working on his latest collaborative piece with Daniel Arsham in Greenpoint,NIKE AIR MAX 90 Brooklyn,MBT KIMONDO GTX MEN NYC. Connecting the lines between art, architecture, dance and theater, Daniel Arsham has been known to subvert existing architectural structures in unconventional,NIKE CLASSIC CORTEZ NYLON playful ways; confusing and confounding the expectations of space and form. Source: Street Art News .